-We have launched a new online ordering system. You can pay with CASH or CREDIT/DEBIT.

-If you need to place a large catering order you can do so here; but if you prefer to speak to someone, call the store at 502-561-0024.

-If you are a company with a corporate account please email your order to Please CALL the store to confirm we have received your email.

- The 15% service charge on delivery goes to your delivery person. You are able to add more gratuity if you would like, but it is not expected.

The minimum order for delivery depends on your location.

$10 minimum: Walking distance (within three blocks of the store)

$15 minimum: Driving distance within the immediate downtown area.

If you are on the outskirts of downtown or located elsewhere in the city, please call the store for minimum order requirements.

Thank you!